Who We Are

GlobalSys Services, Inc. (GSS) is a US Corporation headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We provide highly skilled professional application developers, system programmers, and customer support personnel with years of experience out of our offices in Russia and at rates substantially lower than in the US.

The bulk of the technical work is performed at our offices in Voronezh, Russia (GSS-V) and Moscow, Russia (GSS-M), with overall architectural and technical oversight and customer relationship management done from our US offices.

Our Voronezh office is based at our partner, RMCSoft, location. RMCSoft is part of the Relex group of companies, which have been successfully working on the IT market since early 1990s, with the core team coming from the former Soviet IT industry. We often use both names, RMCSoft and Relex interchangeably. RMCSoft employs true industry veterans, with years of experience in software development, maintenance, and project management, as well as younger talent. Voronezh, located 200 miles south of Moscow, is home to Voronezh State University (VSU), one of the oldest and key universities in Russia, with 20,000 students. RMCSoft is one of the largest IT employers in Voronezh, has close ties to the university, and offers internships to many students; the best interns join the company when they graduate.

Our Moscow office is based at our partner, EC-Leasing, location. Since its inception in 1994, EC-Leasing has been a major player on the Russian IT market. The core team was formed from employees of the key former Soviet IT research institute, responsible for the Soviet IT program across the country. In fact, EC-Leasing offices are still located in the same building in Moscow. Just like RMCSoft, EC-Leasing employs industry veterans as well as younger developers, and has close ties with universities in Moscow.

Our US-based team includes professionals with years of management experience at IBM, responsible for overall customer relationship management and satisfaction, and also an architect and technical lead with a doctorate degree in Computer Science from a US university. The US team oversees and actively participates in all projects, ensuring the best possible outcome and total customer satisfaction.

Our corporate objective is high quality output and results, total customer satisfaction, at low cost, and utilizing capable and experienced specialists in a fully supported IT infrastructure. We provide a broad range of software services and support all major platforms, such as AIX, Linux, Windows, and IBM mainframes and all major languages, tools, data base and data warehouse products and middleware.

Take a look at a more detailed description of our history, management team, what we specialize in, how we work, a subset of our customer list, and a list of our current partners. Explore our web site and get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.

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