Our Services

GSS provides a broad range of software services, with the bulk of the technical work usually done offshore at lower rates, and with onshore architectural and design work, customer relationship management, and overall support. We offer maintenance and support of existing applications on Windows, various flavors of UNIX, Linux, and mainframe platforms, written in a variety of programming languages; support during the time of day that is convenient for you and your customers, including 24x365 support, even in a call center type environment; formal independent quality assurance services; Web site development and eBusiness solutions for all major server and Web browser platforms; development of custom tools and support for boutique languages; application and database migration, Big Data expertise on the exponential growth, availability and use of information, both structured and unstructured with focus on Data Analytics; replatforming, and server consolidation; complex custom software design and development from scratch; application development, maintenance, and quality assurance on all server platforms, including mainframes; software consulting.

Read more about all these service offerings, and also take a look at more detailed information on our migration, QA, and server/mainframe offerings.

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