Quality Assurance Support

GSS Quality Assurance Services and Support consist of two components: 1) Independent Testing of client's software, and 2) Consulting Services for Software Lifecycle Development Processes.

Independent Software Validation and Testing

The GSS Quality Assurance organization provides professional validation and testing services. We have formally validated product claims for various Independent Software Vendor (ISV) products and customer applications on a variety of platforms including zOS, AIX, Linux, Windows, and other vendor systems.

Depending on your needs and requirements, GSS can provide formal Test Strategies, Plans, execution of those plans, and formal completion reports. We formally track and report problems encountered during testing and validate fixes. General requirements for formal testing include software product description and/or specification, and access to dependent software and hardware. Also, as we have done in the past, if needed, we can arrange for customer testers to access our test servers located in our Russian offices.

Software Lifecycle Development Process Consulting

GSS employs experts ranging from software lifecycle management through the implementation of methodology and technological processes of software creation using the IBM Rational Unified Process (simulation of business-processes, requirements and update control, analysis and design, automatic testing, configuration management, and overall project management).

As an example of the software lifecycle management, control and monitoring of the full Lifecycle Project Process includes the following steps:

  • Identify and specify product requirements
  • Analyze these requirements
  • Design an approach and a solution
  • Architect software framework for that solution
  • Develop the code
  • Test the solution (through a series of possible tests, including unit tests, functional tests, integration tests, system tests, and regression tests)
  • Deploy the software
  • Maintain the software
  • Provide future enhancements to the software by starting at the beginning

The GSS Quality Assurance organization uses IBM Rational lifecycle management process and tools. One key element of managing the development and support of software is utilizing industry standard Project Management processes. GSS has certified Project Managers who are very experienced in using Microsoft Project Manager (in addition to other Project Management tools).

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