In April 2007, GlobalSys Services (GSS) served as a corporate sponsor of the International zSeries Oracle SIG Conference which took place in Clearwater Beach, FL. GSS CEO Gene Josephs, COO Dr. Aleksandr Shmid, and a member of technical staff attended that conference. Dr. Shmid gave a talk on ISX (Interpretative Systems Executive), a product developed by engineers at our partner company EC-Leasing. ISX provides emulation of IBM z Series, System/390, and System/370 hardware on Windows, Linux, AIX, and zOS. With ISX, one can perform Initial Program Load (IPL) of an IBM operating system within the host environment. One common use of ISX is to provide an environment for the latest level of Oracle and Oracle applications for zLinux on the zOS platform.

Dr. Aleksandr Shmid made a similar presentation at the SHARE Conference in Boston in July 2000.

For your convenience, we provide a few links to Dr. Shmid's presentation (Note: ISX demo advertized on the last slide of the presentation was available for a short time after the conference in April 2007 and is no longer available.):

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