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ISX Virtual zSeries Architecture

One of the challenges faced by many IBM mainframe users is finding skilled personnel knowledgeable in the various aspects of zOS, IBM's premier operating system. Our partner in Moscow, Russia, EC-Leasing (IBM Business Partner) sells 60% of all mainframes purchased in Russia and currently supports the largest IBM mainframe (zOS) customer in Russia (the Central Bank of the Russian Federation), as well as other Russian organizations using mainframes. Thus GSS can provide developers with in depth knowledge of and experience working with IBM mainframe systems, including zOS, zVSE, zVM, zLinux, and earlier versions of these systems.

We perform application maintenance, development, and quality assurance (formal testing) of systems and application software associated with the above platforms. As an example of our wide middleware experience for the zOS platform, we have extensive knowledge of IBM and other vendor middleware and development products, languages, and environments such as DB2, Oracle, Sybase, CICS, IMS, MQ Series and WebSphere, Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, PL/1, and zOS Assembler language.

Another example of the depth of the z Architecture skill and knowledge is a software product called Interpretative Systems Executive (ISX), developed by engineers at our partner company EC-Leasing. ISX provides emulation of IBM z Series, System/390, and System/370 hardware on Windows, Linux, AIX, and zOS. With ISX, one can perform Initial Program Load (IPL) of an IBM operating system within the host environment. For example, one can run zOS within ISX on Windows. One common use of ISX is to run ISX on zOS and IPL zLinux within it. That allows all of the security, disaster recovery, load balancing, and other zOS facilities to become available to the zLinux system and data. Another common use of ISX is to provide an environment for the latest level of Oracle and Oracle applications for zLinux on the zOS platform.

ISX is marketed through one of our partner companies IIS, LLC. GSS provides ISX installation, support, and consulting. Take a look at the presentation on ISX which we presentated at 2007 International zSeries Oracle SIG Conference. Technology behind ISX is covered by US Patent number 6530078.

In addition to mainframe software services, we offer zOS system and application hosting. Consider our hosting service as your lower cost option for production application and database servers, disaster recovery center for key applications, expansion of your own mainframe complex when growth of your computing requirements exceeds your existing capability, and as a test environment for application or system maintenance. Your personnel will have secure access to our mainframe, and we can supplement your staff for either operations or application programming services, or we can provide full scale development, maintenance, and support.

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