GlobalSys Services (GSS) was incorporated as a US Corporation in October 2000. GSS is owned jointly by Dr. Alexander Shmid, head of the Moscow-based services company EC-Leasing (ECL) and Gene Josephs, CEO of GSS. The primary motivation for creating GSS was to set up a company with the presence in both US and Europe to provide high quality software services using existing experienced software services capabilities of ECL. At the time ECL had over 200 software developers with many years of experience. Dr. Alexander Shmid had hired some of the best software developers from the very large centralized former Soviet Union group that he led. One of the core competencies of the ECL organization is Mainframe software and related middleware products.

Over the years, GSS grew in size as it had a readily available cadre of experienced developers to staff major projects in the US and Europe. In the US, GSS developed a strong and very experienced marketing and customer support organization to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. The focus of GSS has been to work with large complex projects which exploit the inquisitive nature and the systems approach of the Russian software engineers. GSS also focused on software companies to help them develop their products in a secure Intellectual Property environment.

Over time, GSS started to specialize in data base design and migration projects and joined forces with a second Russian company, RMCSoft, which is part of the Relex group of companies. Relex, located in a University town about 200 miles south of Moscow, is the premiere Russian data base and data warehouse development services organization. Relex is able to match their development capabilities with the best data base and warehouse development companies world wide. These capabilities have resulted in world class “Big Data” delivery skills with excellent project completions with focus on Business Intelligence/Data Analytics solutions. Relex also has broad capabilities with many application languages and platforms, including mobile device application development for iOS devices, Android devices and Windows phone.

Today, GSS works closely with both ECL, primarily in the mainframe area, and with Relex in other core areas of our competency, including Big Data. Between these two organizations, we are able to draw upon over 400 professional and experienced software developers.

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