Software Development and Support

We provide a broad range of software services, from basic application development in a high-level programming language, such as Java, C++, PHP, to complex and custom system architecture, design, and development involving operating system internals or middleware products. We will work with you to define, architect, develop, and test a brand new software product from scratch, or enhance, maintain, and assist with testing an existing software product.

Here are a few bullets to give you a flavor of the type of software development and support projects that we can tackle for you:

  • Maintenance and support of existing applications on Windows, various flavors of UNIX, and mainframe platforms, written in a variety of programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, EGL, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, COBOL, PL/1, various Assembler languages, and utilizing a wide range of database and middleware products, such as DB2, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, SQL Server, CICS, IMS, MQ Series, WebSphere. These projects require basic software development skills and the ability to quickly learn specifics of the customer's existing systems, business rules, third-party libraries, APIs, and applications that are being used. In some cases, customers want to augment their existing development team with external developers, or perhaps looking to replace their current outsourcing partner with us. One example of this type of project is maintenance and continued development of a Windows-based medical imaging product written in C++. Or it could be maintenance and enhancements for a zOS-based payroll application written in COBOL and PL/1. Ping us if you are looking for developers with a diverse set of skills and experience.
  • As an extension to the bullet above, we can also provide support for your existing application and for your customers during the time of day that is convenient for you and your customers, including on a 24 x 365 basis. Depending on your needs, we can assign a small support team or we can build and operate a larger call center, staffed with English speaking software engineers, capable of providing level 1, 2, and 3 support. Furthermore, you can acquire such call center at any point in time and enjoy full ownership and low long-term labor and attrition rates. Let us troubleshoot an urgent issue for your customer during your off prime shift hours.
  • Web site development and eBusiness solutions for all major server and Web browser platforms, including Web site design, application and database back-end development. Whether you need a full-scale high-performing Web-based application with Ajax, Flash, and transaction processing or just an on-line presence with mostly static pages, we work with you to select the most appropriate set of technologies for your needs and Web hosting options: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and associated libraries, such as Prototype and jQuery, Ajax, Flash, PHP, Ruby, Java, database abstraction layers and application frameworks, such as Hibernate and Rails. Join the others, get your very own home on the Net.
  • Development of custom tools and support for boutique languages. We enjoy a good challenge and are always excited to work with different, non-standard, and rarely used technologies or applications. We have created tools for code parsing and analysis, wrote simulators for proprietary protocols, designed data generators, redesigned applications written in rare programming languages without access to any documentation or manuals, and also built applications in brand new languages that are not yet in wide-spread use. Can you surprise us with a challenging project like that?
  • Big Data projects in all industry verticals that focus our expertise and extensive skills on the exponential growth, availability and use of information, both structured and unstructured using open source products such as Apache Hadoop, MongoDB, etc. We have experience in using Business Intelligence products such as Cognos, Business Objects, Palo OLAP Server, etc., which result in high quality Data Analytics solutions.
  • The selection of using Cloud Services versus providing an application in-house is an important choice for businesses today. The tradeoffs in cost, performance, security, among other items, can be complex. When the decision is made to either move an application to the Cloud, or to deploy a new application in the Cloud, GSS-V has the experience and skills to assist you in your decision for using Cloud Services and in the development or deployment of applications in the Cloud. Do you have interest or need to provide an application in the Cloud? Let us help you.
  • As more and more services need to provide mobile device access, businesses need to be concerned about data security, individual privacy and application performance. GSS-V has experience and skills in mobile application development on iOS, Android and Windows phone devices and provides efficient, reliable and secure mobile device app support for your users. Do you have a need to provide mobile device access to some of you applications? If so, please contact us.
  • Application and database migration and replatforming. A typical project of this type is to migrate an existing 24x7 data warehouse or customer support application from one vendor's database platform to another. Customers might be moving an Oracle warehouse with a set of front-end business intelligence tools and hundreds of Pro*C programs and UNIX shell scripts to DB2. Or an Informix system with Powerbuilder front-end and hundreds of 4GL programs to DB2 and Java. Or a data warehouse with medical data from mainframe to distributed platform. Although each such project has unique aspects to it, one common thread among them is that in most cases the database must be redesigned and applications must be modified, tested, and tuned to support the new platform and have the same or better performance as the original system. We have a separate page that talks more about migrations and replatforming. Thinking about migrating? We will do a free assessment for you!
  • Application and server consolidation. Customers usually look at consolidation as a way to reduce hardware and software cost, reduce power consumption, and simplify their infrastructure. In some cases 20+ Oracle and SAP servers running on old versions of HP-UX on outdated hardware are being consolidated onto a handful of modern AIX blades on IBM pSeries. Other projects are absolutely mind-boggling in their scope and involve literally thousands of thick Windows clients and Intel servers which are moved onto a much smaller number of thin Linux clients and virtualized highly utilized servers. Do you have something to consolidate?
  • Complex custom software design and development from scratch. Starting from high-level requirements, we produce a more detailed design, refine the requirements, then develop software in an iterative fashion, creating unit tests along the way that makes refactoring and design changes relatively easy. As one example, for a small startup company we developed a muliplatform high-performance read-only relational database engine storing data in a proprietary compressed format with support for full SQL syntax and front-end business intelligence tools. Another example is an emulator, called ISX, of IBM mainframe hardware that runs on zOS, Windows, Linux, and AIX. With ISX, one can run any of IBM's mainframe operating systems, including zOS, zLinux, zVSE, and older operating systems (such as OS/390, DPPX, etc.) and applications within them on mainframe and non-mainframe platforms, such as on a Windows or Linux workstation. Projects of this nature may result in our customers filing patents to cover certain aspects of the solutions we jointly come up with.
  • In addition to software development and maintenance, we can offer you software consulting. Perhaps you have developed a proprietary hive-based distributed system and you need someone to perform an independent and honest assessment of its capabilities and performance. We will analyse the architecture, review the code, design and run various tests on it. Or perhaps you're considering making an investment in a new startup and would like to better understand their software product. We will do the due diligence for you. Or maybe you're considering consolidating your SAP applications from a diverse collection of aging servers onto a smaller number of rack-mounted blades and cannot decide whether you should go with pricey IBM's AIX operating system or less expensive Linux solution on the same platform. We will help you do all the research and evaluate various options.

Tell us about your software development needs and we will let you know how we can help.

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